SEMH SEND Provision Consultation (Update June 2020)

The consultation is now closed. The responses from the consultation can be viewed by clicking on the link HERE


The Owls Academy Trust and Hinckley Parks Primary School seek the views of parents and the wider community on their intention to open a Special Educational Needs Provision on the site of Hinckley Parks Primary School from January 2021. Details of the proposal are:

  • 1. The Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) provision will be implemented in the school building to provide much needed resource in the local area.
  • 2. The SEND provision will provide up to a maximum of 10 places for primary aged children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.
  • 3. The SEND provision will be fully financed by Leicestershire County Council.
  • 4. The SEND provision will occupy two rooms currently used by Hinckley Parks Primary School. To compensate for this the project will include the complete renovation of the currently unused and un-renovated third floor which will hold three new classrooms and break out space.
  • 5. The SEND provision will be within the existing building but will be completely isolated from the mainstream school through the use of secure Paxton lock doors consistent with those currently in use throughout the school.
  • 6. Children attending the provision will be from schools from within the community and will attend the site with the intention that they return to their mainstream setting over time.
  • 7. The SEND provision will be fully staffed depending on the needs of the children attending and will include a ‘lead’ practitioner – Head of Provision.
  • 8. Provision for the children attending the SEND unit will include separate toilets and separate space for lunch and break time. The children will not interact with the current pupils at Hinckley Parks Primary School unless leaders of the school deem this to be in the best interests of all.

The benefits to the school and existing pupils are increased expertise in the field of special educational needs. Increased space and capacity for growth through the creation of new classrooms and facilities. The measures outlined above means the installation of the provision will result in no detriment to existing pupils.

Responses to this proposal can be submitted by clicking on the link below, kindly note that the deadline for submission is 29 May 2020.
Failure to respond will be interpreted as an acceptance of the proposal.